Sizzling Tandoor,
Indian Flavours

Come try our Butter Chicken, a delicious combo meal and our special selection of India’s finest mithai (Indian sweets) to experience the taste of Indian tradition.

Combos / Chef’s Specials

Good deals and great combinations

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Tandoori Sizzlers

All Tandoori sizzlers are cooked in a traditional Tandoor oven!

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Non-vegetarian Curries

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Vegetarian Curries

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Goat & Lamb

Alberta Lamb & Goat.

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Seafood Dishes

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Indochinese Dishes

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Beef Dishes

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Naan & Roti

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Biryani & Rice

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Chutney & Raita

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What it Tastes Like

Food was delicious. I ordered their goat vindaloo as hot as they make it, didn't even get me sweating unfortunately. The taste was excellent though.

Nikos Mika

Google Review

I really wanted Lamb Rogan Josh, which isn't on their menu, and they made it for me anyways!! It was soooo delicious! Had this place recommended to me twice. 10/10 will be back.

Sarah Therrien

Google Review

AMAZING food!! The staff was so friendly and so good to my 1.5 year old son as well. By far best East Indian food in town. Definitely will be going back again. Highly recommend!

Lynda Watson

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